Computer Software and Hardware Basic Knowledge

Computer programs are what allow people to do what they need to do in their daily activities. The most complex definition of computer software is; Software is software that allows a computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to hardware in a system. System hardware was what I talked about in the last post, actual hardware that anyone can physically touch.

The most common software that people are familiar with is the operating system. An operating system is a system program that allows other programs of your choice to function properly. The operating system is the intermediary in the interaction between hardware and other software. The software you want to install must be loaded on a hard disk or RAM. After downloading the software to either of these two data platforms, the computer can run the software.

People have many different programs that allow them to perform many different tasks. For example, Microsoft Word lets you write documents and create templates. It’s the kind of software you need to have because it allows you to perform more complex tasks in one place, instead of going to multiple different places. It’s what people did in the past, and it’s funny how software continues to change the world of technology today. Software allows us to create an easier way to get things done and can be found in many technologies today, not just computers.

Computers are not just hardware equipment, but something I’m going to talk about today. There are many types of computers, and the devices you use together make up your entire work system. Some of the more common devices that people are familiar with are the CD drive, which allows the computer to read specific information from a CD, and the FLOPPY drive, which is a much older device that allows people to do exactly the same thing as. a CD, but less adequately. These two devices are more familiar to people because these two devices interact with them more than the others.

Some other important hardware components are hard drives, memory (RAM), motherboard, power supply, and central processing unit (CPU). A hard drive is a nonvolatile memory device that allows you to store information whether it’s on or off. You can save the information permanently to your hard drive and then restore it whenever you want. Memory, also known as random access memory (RAM), is also there to store information permanently and temporarily. RAM interfaces with most operating system software, which I will discuss later. The motherboard connects everything and allows all devices to communicate in a kind of conversation. The motherboard is the foundation of a computer and is an essential part of its operation. It can takes the power from power supply and powers from the CPU and other components like RAM.

A computer is made up of more than these things, but these are some of the main things I think you should know. Next time I will talk about computer programs.

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