4 Ways to Remove a Virus and Minimize Malware

In this article i will give you 4 way about how to remove Virus and Minimize Malware from your computer. Here is  Rules.

Rule #1: Remove malicious viruses as soon as possible.
Rule #2: Institute Malware Protection ASAP.

I start with these rules because many people never think about adware, spyware, malware…until their computer hurts their mood and maybe their wallet and reputation. If you use the Internet, it is very likely that you will encounter, or have encountered, aggressive viral spyware and spyware now collectively known in the trade as malware. Malware, short for malicious software, refers to a variety of intrusive, hostile, or annoying software or software code that infiltrates computers without the owner’s consent.

This causes chaos, from lost files to broken computers to identity theft. Antivirus and adware removal skills and tools are critical and increasingly important.

In 2008, Symantec stated that more malicious code is produced each year than legitimate software applications. “There was as much malware produced in 2007 as in the past 20 years,” F-Secure said.

How do you protect yourself? There are two main methods: installing anti-virus software and/or installing software that protects your computer’s main operating system, and a set of preventative habits that you should follow.

These 4 free methods will help you remove or avoid spyware and adware and increase your enjoyment of the World Wide Web.

1. Use Firefox or Google Chrome. These are free browsers that work well, have excellent security features, and attract much less interest from malware writers than Internet Explorer, the browser installed on most computers.

2. Do not use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is riddled with security vulnerabilities. It is open to the world by default. Microsoft releases patches to fix bugs almost daily. Although it can be “blocked” by increasing the security settings, it then loses its functionality.

3. Use a software or hardware firewall (not just the built-in Windows firewall). It may seem expensive and difficult to do, but it is not. Most DSL or broadband cable connections come with a DSL cable/router with a built-in firewall. All to do is turn it on.

If your ISP doesn’t provide a router with a built-in firewall, purchase a router. It will cost between $20 and $60 (or sometimes cheaper with mail-in rebate). Brands like Linksys have included firewalls and a feature called NAT, Network Address Translation, which is very effective as it hides your real IP address from the internet. If you want to protect your computer, go this route or use a firewall program.

4. Remove spyware, adware, or malware using anti-spyware and anti-adware software. Adaware and Lavasoft’s Spybot Search & Destroy are two great ways to clean up your system for free. Majorgeeks.com is a free and reliable website with adware removal tools, virus removal tools, trojan horse removal tools and many other spyware cleaners and malware blockers (including free downloadable firewalls).

The best idea is to use all four suggestions. The first step is to be proactive by browsing with a secure browser and installing a firewall. If you’ve been attacked by some really bad spyware that can’t be cleaned with a free malware removal tool, find a geek to do it for you. There are many forums on the internet dedicated to finding malware and adware removal software. And it can probably be done pretty quickly because if your system is infected, chances are you’ve also infected hundreds of others before that. And geeks will already have figured out how to remove malicious viruses.

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