10 Mac Shortcuts That Speed Up Things


We all use our Macs for one thing and that’s to speed things up. So why does your Mac sometimes seem to do the exact opposite? The good news is that there are plenty of Mac shortcuts that will help you get things done quickly. So let’s we explain about 10 Mac Shortcuts in details:

1. Cmd + Opt + Eject – Sleep Mac

Have you ever found yourself in a hurry and need your computer to fall asleep fast? This is your shortcut. With this shortcut, you can put your Mac to sleep instantly, without any warnings or dialogs. Now if only your body worked that way, lol.

2. Cmd + Ctrl + Opt + Eject – Disable it now

Not really “put my Mac to sleep” or a fancy person…there’s always a good shortcut for you. Use Cmd + Ctrl + Opt + Eject to shut down your Mac immediately (again with no dialog or warnings).

3. F11 – Find your office

You have too many apps open on your Mac and you can’t find them on your desktop if you want. This is not a problem for your Mac, just press F11 and your desktop will magically appear (not really magically, but understand). Go ahead, try it!

4. F9 – expose

Do you ever minimize and maximize windows to see everything? Why when you are exposed? Just press F9 whenever you want to see all open windows and trust me it’s much faster.

5. Cmd + Opt + H – Minimize windows

Speaking of minimizing your windows, with just one shortcut you can minimize all windows (except the active window) at once. Just use Cmd + Opt + H and the windows will be minimized.

6. Ctrl + Shift + Eject – Stop display

So you want to save battery on your laptop or power on your desktop… Use Ctrl + Shift + Eject. This will turn off the screen immediately. Go ahead, try it.

7. Cmd + Shift + Del – Empty Trash

Did you just delete a lot of files? Delete them all with one click using Cmd + Shift + Del.

8. Cmd + Y or spacebar – Quicklook

If you need more info about a file or need to quickly add a photo to iPhone, use Cmd+Y or Space on a file in Finder.

9. Cmd + Tab – Open Apps

You have many applications open, you need to quickly access another application. Just press Cmd + Tab to browse your apps.

10. Esc – Uninstall this drag and drop

So I didn’t want to drag your important report in the trash, and don’t worry, throw it away before you throw it in there. Just hit “Esc” before you finish dragging and dropping, and you don’t have to make a private phone call to your boss or instructor anymore.

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